Part No: VibWire-201-Pro

VibWire-201-Pro Vibrating Wire Spectral Analyser & Logger Unit


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Product Description

Lightweight, Portable & Rugged
Compatible with most manufactures vibrating wire sensors
Real-time displays Freq (Hz), Digits (Hz2/1000), SI-Units, Spectra
FFT Spectral based algorithms for interference free measurements
Auto-resonance excitation 400 – 15 K Hz range – minimises sensor stress
Fully configured sensor operations – SI Units Hz Digits – Temp Deg C
Large data storage – 100 million readings – SD Flash Cards to 32 Gb
Fast data recording – 1 sec to 6 hour logging intervals
Automatic Sensor Configuration – auto frequency range selection.
Expandable to 32 channels – MUX-16/32 Expansion Unit
In-built SDI-12 and RS-485 ports for remote network connection
Up to 200 User defined sensors for site survey applications.
No programming experience required –
Fully integrated into free Q-LOG Data Display & Recording Software
No prior knowledge of the sensor operations required.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 7.5 x 4 cm


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